Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: Muslim leaders in Bengal are providing food kits to the needy Hindus at several places in the state. The charity works are being carried out in Kolkata suburbans, as well as in remote villages like Dogachi, Nadia District.

“We have provided food kits to a number of Hindu brothers in Shalimar area. We are Happy for being able to stand by these people in this our of crisis. Raghu Mahato, Sanoj Mahato, Rabi Sau, Ganesh Rawal became very happy when we reached with relief aids at their door-steps. We need to stand by the destitute people, and conduct charity works in larger scale,” Said Kolkata JIH leader Shadab Masum.

Rafe Mahmud Siddiqui told TDN, relief work has been carried out on daily basis. A temple-priest near Garia Metro station approached him over phone and asked for help. He stood by him without further delay.

” The Temple priest came across our relief activities on Facebook. Then he contacted us. When he reached me over phone call, I readily went with aids. He became very glad,” said Rafe, a social activist.

Few days back, Muhammad Ali, a local businessman in Metiabruz, distributed food kits among 1,000 neighbouring Hindus.

In Nadia District Jaamat-e-Islami Hind leader reached out to their non-Muslim brothers. Muslim leaders from the organization distributed food kits at Tilpara Ashram, Dogachi.

Dulal Chandra Bairagya, a devotee of the shrine, co-operated with the JIH leaders in the aid work.

Many people, including Minati Sarkar, Ritarani Mandal, Anada Sarkar, Sabitri Sarkar and Premdasi Bairagya, were happy when they received aids.

Apart from Tilpara, the JIH member and worker- Abdur Rouf Munshi, Intajul Biswas, Abdul Ahad Mandal, Shibajuddin and others – have conducted charity in other Hindu Mahallahs (area) in Karimpur, Nadia.

Abdur Rouf told TDN,” Amid lockdown many people are in distress. Our organization issued circular to help the needy as much as possible. So, accordingly we are putting our efforts.”

“We should not see Hindu-Muslim. Islam teaches us to stand by the helpless, weak irrespective of their faith, color, creed, or language. As human, it is our moral duty to stand by our fellow humans. We are trying our best, to ensure that not a single Hindu brother in our areas dies of hunger,” said Abdur Rouf.