Muslims serving food to their Hindu brothers and sisters

TDN World: Amid lockdown Muslims have been cooking meals for the destitute Hindus, while themselves observing fasts in the holy month Ramzan. People of Bengal has witnessed such beautiful example of communal harmony.

All India Sunnat Al Jamayat has launched langar or communal Kitchen to feed the distressed Hindus during the pandemic.
This Muslims outfit carrying out its charity work in Basirhat constituency area, Bakchara Adivasi Primary School, Raghunathpur, Deganag and other parts of North 24 Parganas in Bengal.

“Regularly more the 4,000 people are being provided meals,” said Abdul Matin, President of All India Sunnat Al Jamayat.

“Many will be surprised, lunch in Ramazan! Actually Muslims are observing fasts in this holy month but they are preparing meals for their Hindu brothers and sisters who are struggling to obtain foods due to COVID lockdown. While fasting themselves, these Muslims are cooking mid-day meal for the distressed Hindu community members. This has been the beauty of our Indian culture,” Matin told TDN.

In the fight against COVID-19 All India Sunnat Al Jamayat’s volunteers are working relentlessly to feed the empty stomachs. They are cooking dal and rice twice a day. However, with the arrival of Ramadan their daily chores increased. Now, they are also preparing evening Iftar for the Muslims.

The Hindus coming at the langar centres are expressing gratitude to their Muslim brothers.
In these langar centre one can’t see any distance of heart between the Hindus and Muslims. Hindu mothers are helping Muslim children to feed. Muslims are feeding their Hindu brothers and sister while fasting. Both community are engaged in each other’s sorrow and happiness.

In a time, when the communal forces are trying hard to hold the rope of power by creating rifts between communities, these people are working day and night to stick together.