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Kolkata – Fraternity Movement has extended solidarity to Dr Maroona Murmu, an associate professor of History in Jadavpur University, who was subjected to castiest slur for her indigenous identity.

Condemning the filthy attack on Professor Murmu’s identity by the troll-army – mainy of whom , Fraternity Movement has stood by her side, with an appeal to stand against casteism, upholding her dignity and self-respect.

Stand in Solidarity with Dr. Maroona MurmuStand against casteism!Stand up for dignity and self-respect!#standwithDrMaroonaMurmu

Posted by Fraternity Movement West Bengal on Sunday, September 6, 2020

Abu Jafar Molla, state General Secretary of Fraternity Movement said,” It is our moral duty to stand by Professor Maroona Murmu.Our organization is against all form of opression and social-evil. We are all equal citizens. No one has the right to abuse other, on ground of religion , identity, ethnicity, race, creed or colour.”

The social-media abusing of Dr Maroona Murmu started on On September 2, when she expressed her view objecting government’s decision to conduct online examination amid covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to her friend’s Facebook post Murmu wrote in comment section, “One year in this long life cannot be bigger than life itself, no exams this time.” Reacting to Murmu’s comment, Paromita Ghosh, a student of the Department of Bengali, Bethune College, Kolkata hurled casteist slur, and taunted her , questioning credibility of her academic excellence. Soon, Ghosh’s remark drew over 1,500 comments, endorsing her casteist statement.

Dr Maroona Murmu studied in Presidency College and recieved her master’s, Mphil and doctorate from the Jawaharlal Nehru University. She authored the book Words of Her Own: Women Authors in Nineteenth-Century Bengal.

Apart from Fraternity Movement, various social, human-rights organizations and teachers’ accosiations have come forward and expressed solidarity with professor Maroona Murmu.