Staff reporter, TDN World, Kolkata: A crew of artists cum actors has come forward to uphold the message of of humanity and environmental awareness through a short, musical film – Heal The World – during the pandemic covid-19 Lockdown.

Written by poet Al- Masum the storyline of the short-film centred around the basic problems of peace in the world.It advocates to nurture, love, compassion and kindness towards fellow human beings by rising above the narrow ethnic, racial, political or geographical barrier and “image the world as one country”.

The 3rdi has been creating such short-films for last couple of years. This song has been created by a number of artists cum actors from the two districts of 24 Parganas and Kolkata with an aim to spread human values and to protect the world from the perilous situations.

“Heal the World ” is established as a slogan throughout the musical narration. A traveller has tried to give the message of humanity here and its result is visualised on camera.The audience will feel after watching it that it is not only a song but a film.It is an amazing creation of the 3rdi along with its artistic storey-telling method ,music, tune,acting, cinematography, VFX, and motion graphics. And, of course, thanks to singer Didarul Islam for the song. The director of the film Hasan al Banna has tried to imitate the Bollywood-style to shape the story.Renowned actors like Pradip Dutta, Madam Goswami, Krittika Chakroborthy, Sumita Dutta,Abdullah Gazi, Md Ruhul Amin played very effective role. The film is produced by Azizul Islam. It has been launched on online during Lockdown.

The whole world is treated as a country in this short musical film “Heal the World ” and it is inclined that the film will show how to heal the world through a healthy and sound culture and by practicing humanity.

This musical short-film is available at the Youtube channel of the 3rd I Films. Here follows the link: