TDN World Desk: In fit of anger a A 78-year-old man killed his 45-year-old physically after he refued to wear face mask.

According to Hindustan Times, On Sunday evening an altercation took place between the father and when the later adamantly refused to wear face mask when going out of the house. And in fit of rage the man strangled his son to death. After committing murder the man surrendered to police station and confessed his crime. Police registered case against the accused under relevant section of the Indian Penal Code.

“It was around 7 pm that the accused Banshidhar Mallick came to the Shyampukur police station and said that he has killed his son Sirshendu Mallick around 5:30 pm. The son was physically challenged. The accused had strangulated the victim with a piece of cloth,” said a Kolkata Police top officer, as quoted by HT.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the fathe didn’t share healthy relation with the son. The son was physically challenged from an early age and was unemployed while the father is a retired employee of a private firm.

“Over the past few days, the man and his son were having fights regularly because every time the son went out of the house, his father insisted that he should wear a mask and the son refused. On Saturday, a heated altercation broke out for the same reason and the man killed his son in a fit of rage. He strangulated his son with a cloth,” said an officer of the local police station.

The West Bengal government has made it mandatory to wear face masks in public place.