TDN Staff, Kolkata: Muslim leaders in Bengal has condemned the heinous lynching of the two Sadhus and their car driver in Palghar and demanded the government should take stringent action against the perpetrators.

On 16 April, two Saffron clad Sadhus including their driver were killed in Palghar. Maharashtra Government has ensured that strict action will be taken against the culprits.

Some people have tried to give the incident communal color. Refuting any communal angle in the incident
Maharashtra Home Minister shared list of 101 accused arrested in the incident. None of them were Muslims.

Muslim body all over the India has condemned the incident. Several organization also issued press statement.

Pirzada Tamim Siddiqui from Sitapur Darbar Sharif ( a shrine) said,” In your eyes Sadhus were killed. But, I take it as if the whole humanity was strangled to death. It is narrowness of our point of view – who killed whom – is not be looked at. Killing of any innocent human being should shake our conscience. In the 21st century, modern world, if demands were made that we strict law should be enacted against killing of any human, perhaps we could have stopped the evil forces in the society. The barabar anti-social people would have wiped out from our society.”

“As responsible citizen of free India, I demand strict action and judicial inquiry into the case,” he added.

Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui issued a press note. He said, ” As Muslim religious leaders, I think this type of barbaric, diabolic act is a threat for the well-being of our country. In any situation, mob lynching cannot be acceptable. If people are found of wrong-doing, seek for justice, there is law system, there is constitution.”

He also spoke against attempts of giving the incident a communal shape.

“Though some people, especially tradesmen of religion are busy finding communal equation in the incident. However, Maharashtra government has trashed all such claim. The conspirators were exposed,” he stated further.

Arafat Ali, state Genera Secretary, Fraternity Movement of India, condemned the killing and urged the government to launch judicial inquiry into the case and brought the culprits to book.