TDN World Desk: Amid uproar over CAA, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said weeks back that “NRC has been neither been discussed in the parliament nor any rules regarding it have been framed”. This remark by PM Modi created enough controversy as Amit Shah and BJP ministry had talked over the implementation of NRC in the parliament more than once in last five-six years.

But the NRC controversy takes another interesting turn as Bharatiya Janata Party in West Bengal claimed in its booklet that National Register of Citizens (NRC) is in the pipeline after the implementation of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

According to TOI, BJP West Bengal has published a 23-page booklet in English, Hindi and Bengali as a part of its state-wide campaign to support CAA. These booklets to be distributed among the common people to allay fear over newly amended Citizenship law state that NRC will be implemented after CAA exercise is over.

A question featured in the booklet reads, ” Will there be NRC after this (CAA)? How much is it needed? And there is if there is NRC, will the Hindus have to go to detention center like in Assam?”

The answer to the question said, “Yes there will be NRC after this. At least, that is the intention of the government.”

Stressing over the need of nation-wide NRC the Booklet said, “It is heard that there are around two crore infiltrators in Assam and West Bengal. It is needed to enlist these infiltrators as D-voters. This only speaks volumes about the problem of infiltration in the country. That is why countrywide NRC is needed.”

The booklet claims that the Hindus lodged in the detention are not there because of the NRC. Rather it’s the Foreigners Act that locked them to detention center. And the booklet assures that once CAA is implemented all the Hindus in detention camps will be released.

Partha Chatterjee, secretary general of the ruling TMC party said, “The cat is now out of the bag. The truth of BJP has come out. We have been saying that the Prime Minister and the union ministers have been trying to confuse the people by making contradictory statements on NRC.”

With Times of India inputs