Jayed Anwar, chief of qari Ahmed Foundatio

Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: In a time when some people are asking religion of an ordinary vegetable vendor, Qari Ahmed Foundation is providing aids to the unprivileged Hindu-Muslim brother and sisters during the nation-wide lockdown crises making example of communal harmony.

Since, it is holy month of Ramadan the charity foundation is providing Iftaar kits to the Muslims. However, the Hindu brothers and sisters are being provided usual food items – rice dal, oil etc. This self-help group is reaching out to 300 impoverished families with relief aids each aid.

Zaid Anwar, chief of Qari Ahmed Foundation, said, ” Since lockdown imposed, we have been conducting relief works. Beside essential eatables we are also distributing sanitizers, masks. Amid weeks-long relief work the holy month of Ramadan arrived. So, we are now providing iftaar-kits to Muslims and usual rations for the Hindu brother.”

Anwar said he carries out charity work in every Ramadan. But, this year is completely different. The people need foods, nutrition to combat the pandemic. The organization volunteers are working day and night selflessly. He said that the relief work will continue in the entire Ramadan.

Anwar said he does not see religion while providing relief aid. “As a human being it is our duty to stand by fellow-human. It ia also teaching of Islam.”

Each day 200 iftaar-kits are being distributed and 100 food-kits among the Hindu community. The volunteer group include Feroze Ansari, Baby Thandar, Rajesh Rana, Mohan. The aid-group has earned respect and love from the local people.