TDN World Desk: Lok Sabha election taught the party a lesson. Shaken by the saffron surge is TMC going to follow a soft hindutva strategy? Senior TMC leader Sudip Banerjee urged to announce Durga Puja as national festival.

To consolidate its hold in the state TMC has planned to resort to the identity politics of Bangla ang Bengali consciousness. On Tuesday, while speaking in Lok Sabha, TMC leader Sudip Banerjee confirmed about this new strategy to be followed by his party. Sources also revealed that, to execute this formula the party core-committee has already passed a new resolution.

Above 60 percent of the population in the state consists of Bengalee, while 83 percent people of Bengal speaks in Bangla. Raising the issue of Bengalee identity TMC will work in Bengal. As per sources, with this same agenda they will try to bring Hindu-Muslim together.Besides Bengalee identity politics, to safeguard the Hindu vote-bank the party will also take effect measures. Sudip Banerjee made it obvious in his speech.

This day he said, ” I will raise the issue of Durga Puja in the parliament and urge the central government to take due measures so that this festival can be recognised as national festival.”

BJP has already been successful in polarising the state. They have reaped the Hindu votes profusely. Realising this is the TMC also pursuing their hindutva strategy to garner Hindu vote-bank ? After hearing Sudip’s speech this sort of question in no way can be spurned out.

In the Lok Sabha election BJP has been able to create a very good out come. But, Sudip Banerjee said that party chief Mamta Banerjee would tackle the situation in favourable terms.

” Chief Minister said she will be looking after the party work closely. Take out really to engage with the masses. I have been with her from the very beginning. Once she comes out to attend public rallies and communicate with the people thing will be in order again. We believe so.”

That the state BJP would perform
so well, they could not assume. Sudip admitted himself. He said, ” Everything happened so abruptly that none of us could hardly guess about this outcome. Not even the country. West Bengal is not an exception in this regard. Although, we saw 84 when Congress made an outstanding comeback with 404 MPs. This parliament had witnessed that time also. We have relegated to 22 from 34, that’s why it seems the number of seats are meagre. But, it is not an ordinary matter to win 22 seats amid this storm.”

Despite party’s emaciation, Sudip Banerjee believes legislative election in the state would be according to the schedule.

” Actually situation is being created to make us unsettled. This will avail to little use. Cause, you know, in Bengal the culture of horse-trading with MPs and MLAs is not in practice,” he opined. Sudip also rejected the speculation that an Internal-feud has triggered party’s downfall.