TDN World Desk: On Tuesday Dr. Kashem Rasool Illyas, the president of Welfare Party of India condemned the mob lynching of Jharkhand youth Tabrez Ansari.

Issuing press release he said, ” Tabrez Ansari of Jharkand was a victim of hate perpetuated by the right wing outfits who are the enemies of India’s pluralism.”

He strongly condemned the role of the police too who kept the badly beaten Tabrez accused of robbery in the custody for four days without providing him any medical aid till he was pronounced dead.

Dr Ilyas demanded the state government for an impartial inquiry into this murder and punish all the perpetrators of the crime including the police for their insensitivity and negligence.

He also questioned the prime minister about his statement on “sab ka vishwas” and asked him if he was genuine about it or if it was a mere slogan. He demanded the Prime Minister to strongly condemned this incident of lynching which should serve as a warning to all the ‘traders of hate’.

Dr. Illyas on Tuesday also demanded a separate law to prevent mob lynching.