In previous version of his Lok Sabha profile OM Birla’s affinity with BJP’s parent organisation RSS and involvement in Ayodhya issue was mentioned

TDN World Desk: OM Birla’s nomination in the speaker post has come as surprise. He is also close to Amit Shah and Narendra Modi.

But what becomes more surprising for the two-times MP who has now been elected to the speaker post is that his clear RSS connection and he was taken to prison during Ram Temple movement which was mentioned in his previous LS profile has been deleted now, a report by National Herald reveals so.

” Birla was imprisoned in Uttar Pradesh due to active participation in Ram Mandir construction movement,” read his older profile on the Lok Sabha website.

Interestingly, the present edited version of the newly appointed LS speaker’s profile only takes note of his humanitarian works and totally omitted the paragraph containing his association with RSS and Ram Temple movement.

Regarding OM Birla’s appointment as speaker, a former BJP leader in Rajasthan who joined Congress told National Herald, “First and foremost, is his being an RSS activist and second being his pliability. Modi would not like someone who could raise question against his decisions/wishes even in the remotest way.”

“After Sumitra Mahajan, Birla’s selection for the post of the Lok Sabha speaker, seems more of RSS’s choice. They are moving towards making India a Hindu Rashtra by all means,” National Herald quotes a senior journalist without revealing his/her name.