TDN World Desk: Mob lynching has become a serious humanitarian concern in the country. For the last few years hate crime are rapidly growing. People from the minoritiy, SC, ST communities are targeted and lynched. To curb the lynching incidents United Against Hate, a right organisation, is going to launch a national help line centre.

On Sunday, through press issue, the organisation said, ” The incidents of lynchings are not spontaneous and sporadic cases of violence, but are rather systemic and carefully planned. After dealing with many such cases for almost two years we strongly feel that the response to such brutal assaults and the fight for ensuring justice need to be much more organized and systamatised as well.”

” We from United Against Hate therefore are launching a national helpline center. A round the clock toll free number will be launched for anyone who has faced or witnessed hate crime. We will try our best to ensure legal help, media intervention and network of activists who will try to intervene in that situation and strengthen the fight for justice,” added the press note.

The formal announcement of the the Helpline Center will be held in Press Club of India, Raisina Road, New Delhi, on Monday, afternoon.

Senior Journalist Urmilesh, Ravi Nair, director of SHRC, Dr Kafeel Khan, Prof Ghazala Jamil, Prof Apoorvanand, Maulana Mahmood Madni and few other prominent personalities will be present in the launch program and will address a press conference.