TDN World Desk: Again a Muslim youth, Tabrez Ansari (24) was lynched. He was deliberately taken away from his home and beaten up for 18 hours in suspicion of theft. And then he was handed over to the police. Later on he dies succumbing to his injuries. A clip of that video has widely been circulated in social media. Those miscreants – involved in this brutal deed, bearing religious symbols – had forced Tabrez to chant Jai Shri Ram. Even when he is unable to speak in agony he was being compelled to chant Jai Shri Ram.

Despite seeing this horrendous act happening around, the opposition parties did not project the kind of resistance, protest they should have shown. Especially people are in utter surprise to see the so called secular Congress observing silence. Why everyone is silent, is it because Tabrez belongs to the minority community? Is it the reality of ‘sab ka saath San ka vikwas’?
What’s happening in the country? Has humanity departed from our hearts? Common people are really dumbfounded. Lost their words.