TDN Staff

In a historic move Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has elected its first female head on Sunady.

Zara Mohammed, 29, is also the youngest person to hold the Secretary General position for two-year term.

Muslim Council of Britain is the largest democratic umbrella body in UK with authority over mosques, Islamic schools and Muslim associations.

Zara Mohammed won the majority of affiliate votes. Ajmal Masroor, an Imam, teacher and broadcaster, was also in the running for this post.

Reacting over her victory, Zara Mohammed said she feels “honoured’.

In a statement Zara Mohammed said, ‘My vision is to continue to build a truly inclusive, diverse and representative body; one which is driven by the needs of British Muslims for the common good.

“Being elected as the first female Secretary General is quite an honour and I hope it will inspire more women and young people to come forward to take on leadership roles. They are the future of this organisation and our society.”

Zara Mohammed obtained her Master’s degree in Human Rights Law and a Training and Development Consultant from Glasgow, Scotland. She has formerly served as an Assistant Secretary General for the Muslim Council of Britain and is the first woman in the organisation’s history to have been elected into the post of Secretary General.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan congratulated on her win.

” Terrific to see Zara Mohammed elected as the first woman Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain,” said Saiq Khan.