TDN World Desk: A Muslim cannot be a terrorist and Islam does not produce terrorists, the Turkish president said on Friday ,rejecting the term “Islamic terrorism”, reported Hurriyet Daily News.

“You cannot bring the words terror and Islam together. If you keep doing it, then we are condemning those who do it,” Erdogan Said.

He also condemned associating the adjective ‘terrorism’ with Islam.

“We do not accept the Islamic terrorism etiquette, [a term] some insistently try to keep popular,” he said.

Taking dig at the European countres, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said racism, discrimination and Islamophobia have spread like poison ivy in countries once seen as cradles of democracy.

Attending the inauguration ceremony of the Cambridge Central Mosque Erdoğan made this remark. Erdogan was accompanied by lady Emine Erdoğan and a group of high-level Turkish officials.

He traveled to Cambridgeshire to attend the ceremony from London, where he had arrived earlier this week to attend the NATO leaders’ summit.

While speaking over problems like racism, semitism, islamophobia, Erdogan said, “Muslim women are abused only because they are wearing headscarves” .

He also expressed concern over the rising attack on the holy places of worship recallig mosque attack in New Zealand, church attacks in Sri Lanka and synagogues in the U.S.

“If places of worship are burned, bombed and civilians are killed violently there, it means that alarm bells are ringing for humanity,” Erdogan said.