TDN World Desk: First ladies attending the African Union summit in Niger on Saturday called for a rise in taxes for cancer-causing products such as tobacco and alcohol, reports AFP.

To curb cancer African first ladies want to impose high taxes on alcohol and tobacco products.

In African countries the price of alcohol and tobacco products are cheaper than in the western countries.

On Saturday, in African union summit held in Niger first ladies called for a rise in alcohol and tobacco products.

Cancer specialist Alain Toledano of the Rafael Institute in Paris hailed the initiative. Citing statistics he said that the major problem that the African countries do face is cancer.

Speaking to AFP Toledano said: “Nineteen million people will die in a year from cancer, 70 percent of them in the poorest countries.”

“So there will be millions of deaths in Africa.”

” If we want to succeed in our objective of raising life expectancy from 60 to 75 by 2063, we have to fight cancer,” he added.