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TDN World Desk: Still no vaccine has been discovered to fight pandemic the coronavirus, the only measures people need to follow are keeping themselves clean by washing hands, face, frequently and maintaining social distance. But, a UN-water official reveals a harrowing figure noting that world’s three billion people can’t afford washing facilities.

Daniella Bostrom, communications manager for UN-Water, spoke to journalists in a virtual presser ahead of World Water Day on March 22 and World Meteorological Day on March 23.

“We would like to record that today 3 billion people do not have handwashing facilities in their homes and that two out of five health care facilities lack these facilities as well,” said Bostrom reports Anadolu.

Till now over 278,557 confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus have been reportd across the country while the death toll rose to 11,554. To prevent the novel coronavirus people are urged to wash hand but, unfortunately almost half of the the world population lack the washing facilities that are essential for life.

Clare Nullis, the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) media officer, said at the event,” Water is life. On average, a human being cannot survive more than three days without water. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 3 billion people worldwide lack basic handwashing facilities.”