Image: The Independent

TDN Bangla Desk: Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami boycotts country’s 11th national parliamentary general election alleging the election procedures to be one-sided.  22 Jamaat candidates, who are contesting under the electoral symbol of ‘paddy sheaf’ and 4 independent candidates have boycotted the polls, Dr Shafiqur Rahman, the party general secretary, confirmed through a media release. 

On Sunday afternoon the party issued a press statement where Dr Shafiqur Rahman confirmed the polls-boycott decision by the party taking cognizance of the urgent situation. 

“People’s lives are in jeopardy as the government continues to attack voters and the general public on election day. Armed showdowns by ruling party cadres can be seen everywhere. Exercising franchise is far out of reach, as there is no security for people’s lives”, said Shafiqur Rahman. 

He said in the statement, “Such one-sided election cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Therefore, at the existing scenario, we are making public disclosure to reject and boycott the polls in all the constituencies where Jamaat candidates are contesting with the ‘sheaf of paddy’ symbol”. 

Jamaat Secretary General alleged that it was understood by all and one, at home and abroad that the election was going to be held according to the master plan of the government ever since the 11th general election schedule had been announced. 

He also complained that in the presence of armed forces voters are being attacked. At many polling stations in the country voters and candidates were severely injured. “This is not an election but a farce and deception of the people of Bangladesh,” he added.