TDN World Desk: Speaking in Parliament during the debate of Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 Union home Minister said that the Hindus, a minority community in Bangladesh had “found it impossible” to practice their religious activities. Responding to Shah’s remark Abdul Momen, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, refused the remark as “Untrue”.

“What they are saying in regards to torture on Hindus is unwarranted as well as untrue,” Abdul Momen was quoted by Dhaka Tribune.

Rejecrting Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement, Mr Momen said that Bangladesh is a country of communal harmony. “We have no minorities. We are all equal,” Momen defended.

Urging the Indian government to maintain an amicable relationship with the country, Abdu momen furthe said,
“They have many problems within their country. Let them fight among themselves. That does not bother us. As a friendly country, we hope that India will not do something that affects our friendly relationship.”

Several days back when reports of ‘Indians’ entering into the border of Bangladesh came to the fore, Mr Momen speaking to the state media said that the people of Bangladesh need not to worry over NRC in India as it is India’s internal matter.