TDN World Desk: Bilateral relations between the two countries have soured after India’s abrogation of article 370 and passage of Citizenship law.

In a major development, India has reportedly put ban on palm oil from Malaysia. The economic curb came after Malaysian Prime Minister condemned India’s citizenship law saying it is baised and against the secular fabric of India.

As reported by The Indian Express, India was Malaysia’s biggest buyer of palm oil in 2019, with 4.4 million tonnes of purchase. But in the current year the business may witness a huge fall.

Responding to India’s curb on Palm oil import, Mahathir Mohamad, the Malaysian Prime Minister, said, “We’re concerned of course, because we sell a lot of palm oil to India, but on the other hand, we need to be frank and when something goes wrong, we need to say it.

“If we allow things to go wrong and think only about the money, then a lot of things will go wrong,” quoted by The Straits Times.

Referring to Citizenship law Mr Mahathir said, “The fact is what’s happening in India today is causing a lot of unhappiness among the people there, and the whole world feels that its wrong to discriminate against others.”