TDN World Desk: ‘Stop the War Coalition’ in a statement referred to the unprecedented impacts of coronavirus on the world as well as Iran and called for ending sanctions imposed by US on the Iranian nation, Iran’s state media IRNA repotted.

after Italy and China Iran has been hit mostly by the pandemic coronavirus. Over 20,000 cases have been reported while death toll rose to 1,556. Amid this ravaging situation Iran urged to International body to put pressure on US so that the sanction imposed on the country is lifted.

“The COVID-19 virus has had an unprecedented effect on the entire world and Iran is no exception,” the statement reads.

“Millions in Iran are likely to die, not just because of the virus but because US imposed sanctions are preventing countless innocent people from accessing vital medical care.”

“Write to your MP to force the British government to put public pressure on Trump’s administration to end inhumane sanctions at this desperate time.”

Countries such as China, Pakistan and Russia have also called on the US government to lift sanction from Iran and help the country to surpass the humanitarian crisis due to the pandemic Coronavirus.