TDN World Desk: The Israeli oppression against the Palestinian is on spike amid coronavirus lock down. during this hard-times of pandemic,the attack on Palestinians have increased, reported Middle East Eye.

According to MEE, over the past weeks the Israeli settlers have made at least thre attempts to expand illegal settlements by razing razing Palestinian lands and paving roads in the districts of Nablus, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Since the lock down clamped in the occupied West Bank the israeli settlers taking avail of the situation and frequents exploitative measures.

“We experience attacks from the settlers a few times a month,” Ghassan al-Najjar, a 30-year-old activist in Burin, a village 5km south of Nablus, told MEE.

“But ever since we were put under lockdown because of the coronavirus, it has increased tenfold,” he said, adding that settlers, under the protection of Israeli soldiers, have been raiding the village daily.

so far palestine have witnessed 103 cases of corona infection with one death toll. Turkey has earlier assured the country to extend humanitarian assistance.