TDN World Desk: Close to 6,300 Indian nationals in abroad were tested COVID-19 positive while death toll rose to 40. Among them more than 2000 indian have tested corona positive in Gulf countries.

It could have been a serious logistic challenge for the Indian government to bring back those stranded overseas Indians. In April 16, the number of corona positive Indian staying in abroad was 3,336 which doubled in a week’s span.

According to the TOI report, more than 50 percent of Indian in the overseas who have contracted novel coronavirus, are from singapore and Gulf countries. However, these Muslimcountries did not induldge in blame game as it was done with Tablighi Jaamat.

Over 2000 Indians have been reported of COVID positive in Gulf countries like Kuwait, bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Hundreds of Indians are also infected in Islamic Republic of Iran. Yet none of these countries linked Hindism with coronavirus.

Because a few people of Tablighi Jaamat got infected with the virus, right-wing troll army, as well as mainstream mediacarried out vilifying campaign against Muslims. Social media were bomabrded with false videos targeting the Muslim group.As a result of all this demonizing attempt, Muslims are now under attack, facing boycott, discrimination – socially, economically, even in health sevices.