TDN World Desk: Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said the recent violence in Iran was organized by the US, Israel and certain reactionary regimes in the region.

“The number of people who had taken to the streets was clear, and there were only a few hooligans were among them; but the hooligans were well organized and armed, acting on behalf of the regional reactionaries, the Zionists and Americans,” Rouhani said, reports Fars News Agency.

Addressing a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday Rouhani praised people for keeping distance from the ‘rioters’ who damaged public and private properties.

“Today, I want to thank the great Iranian nation for its vigilance and bow before them because of their patience and timeliness,” Rouhani said.

” The people of Iran passed another historic test and proved that despite economic problems and discontent they may have with the management of the country, they will never let enemies to take advantage of the situation,” he added.

However, Amnesty Internationl, on tuesday, issueing a press brief expressed concern that “At least 106 protesters in 21 cities have been killed, according to credible reports.”