Syed Azharuddin, TDN World, New Delhi: This coming year could be a historic one in the commercial space for the Indians, especially for the entrepreneurs as Hyderabad is going to host International Halal Expo in 2020, for the first time in India.

India International Halal Expo 2020 is expected to attract more than 200 exhibitors and 15,000 attendees from all over India and abroad.

What is Halal Industry?

The word Halal originally comes from the Arabic language and is used for every lawful object and action in the view of Islamic laws. In its literally broad meaning, it applies to all spheres of life activities including food, cloth, finance, personal care, etc

When we hear the term ‘Halal’ generally we get in our mind is, it is related to food sector, However, during the recent years there have been addition of different sectors in the Halal industry. The word ‘Halal’ relates to what is permissible under sharia.

Muslims worldwide today are experiencing an increase in their awareness towards the Halal concept and this has opened up the demand for Halal products worldwide.

The Halal industry now spans across food processing, food service, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals & logistics industries and expanding further into lifestyle offerings including Halal travel & hospitality services.

Halal markets have grown from Halal food to new areas like Halal cosmetics, Halal logistics, Halal fashion and Muslim-friendly tour and travel services.

Islamic finance, relatively a mature interest-free market that caters to the Muslim consumer, has estimated the total assets of shariah-compliant products across the world.

Recent studies proved that using Halal products is not only eco-friendly but it also has no negative effects on human body.

Into its 1st Inaugurating year, India International Halal Expo 2020 has been established with the sole objective of Halal Economy all over the world, and a connecting point for the world’s Halal industries.

As the Halal movement gains traction, the global industry sets its sights on India’s growing demand for Shariah-complaint goods, particularly cosmetics. Home to the world’s second-largest Muslim population next to Indonesia, India does have one of the world’s most viable Halal markets.

Expressing his zeal to extend support for Halal market in India H.E. Mohammed Saleh Badri, Secretary General of International Halal Accreditation forum (IHAF), said: “India, being home to millions and millions of Muslims, is definitely a country that we look forward to working with as we strive to strengthen IHAF. Driven by our mission to unify the global Halal industry and break trade barriers, IHAF is ready to support India in bolstering its Halal infrastructure.”

As a gateway to growing Indian Halal market, India has over 180 million Muslim population which makes it an ideal marketplace and a place worth trillions of dollars.

The India International Halal Expo 2020, which will be held on 18th to 20th January 2020 will covers following domains and gives its attendees either individuals or business owners, to explore in

  1. Food & Beverage
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Fashion & Lifestyle
  4. Halal Travles & Tourism
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Alternative Finance,
  7. Industrial Parks,
  8. Engineering products,
  9. E-Commerce
  10. Logistics

Another interesting thing about the Expo will be it will conduct 3 days parallel conference with the industry global experts, advisors, Halal-Eco-System as Guest Speakers in this International Halal Conference.

The entire event is being organised by ATOBA Business Networks.