TDN World Desk: Mazhar Farooqui, an international award-winning investigative journalist at Gulf News, has been threatenedd by BJP IT cell member – some of them rae also followed by PM Narendra Modi – for exposing the Islamophobic social media posts by Indian expatriates working in UAE and Gulf countries,The National Herald reported.

Recently, Mazhar Farooqui had written a number of reports that led to police action and even some of the Indian expats were expelled from their jobs.

Farooqui claims he has been inundated with abusive and threatening messages forwarded to his mail, on WhatsApp, on Facebook Messenger and on Twitter. According to him, some of these threats were issued from verified accounts and by people followed by PM Narendra Modi. He also claimed some of the perpitrators have deleted their accounts, some deleted tweets to safeguard them.

Speaking over the incident, Farooqui told National Herald, “Well, it’s like a pandemic — I have got nearly 5,000 messages via email, FB messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp from hundreds of such people. . That said, many have deactivated their accounts or deleted their posts fearing action.”

“In the midst of all this, BJP’s IT cell has launched a relentless, malicious campaign against me on Twitter. People with verified account and many followed by the PM are abusing me and threatening to revoke my passport and harm me and my daughters. They have even posted their pix on social media…”.

Here follows some snapshots of the threats issued to him and his family:

In the last few days Indian bigots with right-wings leaning faced severe backlash in the Gulf Cooperation coutries. Expats like Rakesh B. Kitturmath were terminated from job. Hydrabad based Bala Krishna Nakka who worked as the Chief Accountant at Dubai’s Moro Hub Data Solutions Company, was also sacked for propagating hate contents .

Mazhar Faroqui, who worked for Hindustan Times in Lucknow before moving to Gulf News in Dubai, has also written the report of Kerala businessman in UAE seeking apologises after wiriting controversial poem on coronavirus and targeting Tablighi Jaamat.

The right-wing IT cell warriors could not bear away with Mazhar’s damaging reports over the malicious hate-mongering. And that’s why they threatened him to silence his pen.