TDN World Desk: Worried over Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 US Federal Commission on Monday urged the American Govt. to imose sanction against Union Home Minister Amit Shah if the Citizenship (Amendment) is passed in both houses of Parliament.

The Federal panel termed the bill as “a dangerous turn in the wrong direction”.
The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) issuing a press note said, “The CAB enshrines a pathway to citizenship for immigrants that specifically excludes Muslims, setting a legal criterion for citizenship based on religion. The CAB is a dangerous turn in the wrong direction; it runs counter to India’s rich history of secular pluralism and the Indian Constitution, which guarantees equality before the law regardless of faith.”

USCIRF has suggested in its note that if the Bill is passed in both the houses in Parliament, Amit Shah and other prominent leaders.

After hours long debate and strong opposition the ruling bJP party has managed to clear the bill in Lok Sabha late night on Tuesday.