TDN World Desk: Boarder Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) detained around two hundred people from India who were trying to cross the border suspecting them as illegal immigrants.

BGB said that they have seen these people entering into Bangladesh through Maheshpur border in Jhenaidah district. The border security then handed these people to local police. The border guards said that these people are fleeing India as steps are being taken against “illegal immigrants”.

BGB considers these people coming from Indian side as “illegal immigrants.”

However, what the local police say, is complete different.

Police are not ready to declare them as illegal foreign immigrants. They said after investigation we came to know that these people are Bangladeshi origin.

Maheshpur police superintendent, Md Rashedul Alam told BBC, ” Most of the detainees are residents of Sharankhola, under Morrelganj sub-division in Bagerhat district. And some of them are residents of Pratyashi Union under Perozepore sub-division. They went to Bangalore in search of work. Among the detainees there are some snake charmers also. They have all come from Bangalore. Somehow, anytime they had illegally gone to India.”

” I would not call it immigration as they are citizens of our country. The name, identity they have revealed are matching with our findings,” added Mr Alam.

Speaking about their next step the police officer said they are preparing chargesheet soon against these people based on the findings of the investigation as they don’t have passports with them.

Colonel Kamru Ahsan, who was assigned in Maheshpur border said, ” Suddenly, we have detained around two hundreds people this month. These people have basically come from palaces like Bangalore, Chennai. They heard NRC will be carried out in Karnataka. And following the announcement the police and BJP supporters were threatening them to leave their places. That is why they are fleeing secretly.”

The Border Security personnel further said that these people are coming from Nadia district, on the Indian side and then crossing the border of Bangladesh’s Jhenaidah district they are talking shelter at Maheshpur. Smuggling agents from both sides of the border are helping them in exchange of hefty amount of money.