“Its intention to redesign Turkish politics is quite obvious”,Turkey reacts to Twitter’s move to suspend 7,000 accounts supporting President Erdogn

Turkey accuses Twitter of for removing over 7,000 accounts supporting President Erdo

TDN World Desk: Turkey fiercely criticised Twitter on Friday for suspending more than 7,000 accounts that supported President Tayyip Erdogan.Ankara accused the micro blogging site of meddling in Turkish politics with an inclination to redesign it.

Twitter has taken down 7,340 accounts from a network detected early in 2020 that it said was being used to amplify political narratives favourable to Erdogan’s AK Party.

Responding over Twitter’s action,presidency communications director Fahrettin Altun said, as he was quoted by Reuteurs,“(This) has demonstrated yet again that Twitter is no mere social media company, but a propaganda machine with certain political and ideological inclinations.”

To substantiate its clean image over the issue of suspension of 7,000 Twitter accounts from Turkey, Altun said in a statement,”The various documents, which twitter cited to support its decision to suspend said accounts, are clearly unscientific, utterly biased and politically motivated.That a US-based company would seek to legitimize its decisions with refereence to a report, which was authored by certain individuals peddling their idiological views as scientified data, is a scandal of historic proportion.”

Hinting severe action against the Twitter company Altun said,“Keeping in mind the most recent controversy surrounding Twitter in the United States, the company’s attempt to portray the Republic of Turkey in a certain political light, its eagerness to support and promote black propaganda by anti-turkey entities,including PKK and FETO, and its intention to redesign Turkish politics are quite obvious.we would remind this company(Twitter) of the eventual fate of a number of organizations, which attempted to take similar steps in the past.”

In the past, Turkey has restricted access to Twitter, YouTube and online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.