TDN World Desk: Spaeking to the press at the sideline of Kuala Lumpur Summit Malaysian prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad questoned India’s need to invoke Citizenship law.

Mahathir mohamad, taking note of Malaysia’s liberal stand that granted citizenship to millions of people, mainly Indian origin Hindus and Chinese Buddhists, on Friday said, “I think we have accepted the Indians who came to this country, the Chinese we gave them citizenship even when they don’t qualify and they are all in the government.”
“But I am sorry to see that India, which claims to be a secular state now is taking action to deprive some Muslims of their citizenship. Of course, if we do that here, you know what will happen. There will be chaos, there will be instability and everyone will suffer,” said Mahathir,

Protests and agitations erupted across the country demanding the revocation of the controversial Citizenship Amended Act 2019. At least 9 people died in the ant-citizenshp demonstration. Over Thousand protesters booked under Indian Penasl Code.

Expressing concern over the tense situation in India, Mahathir, the 94-year-old Malaysian PM, said, ““Already people are dying because of this law, so why is there a necessity to do this thing when all this while, for 70 years almost, they have lived together as citizens without any problems.”

India has recently amended Citizenshp law that allows undocumented ‘persecuted’ minorities – Hindu,Christia,Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and parsis who entered the country from the neighbouring Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghanista. But the law excludes Muslims from this law.

States like Keala, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Punjab have, however, refused to implement this law.