TDN World Desk: An independent panel of United Nations has raised question on the death of the former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

They said Morsi’s death in June could amount to ” state-sanctioned arbitrary killing”.

Issuing a statement UN high commissioner for human rights said, ” Morsi was held in conditions that can only be described as. Brutal, particularly during his five-year detention in the Tora prison complex.”

The way Morsi was treated within the prison cell was brutal and complete violation of human rights.

Mentioning the kind of torture Morsi had to undergo, UN experts said he ” was held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day… he was not allowed to see other prisoners, even during the one hour a day when he was permitted to excercise. He was forced to sleep on a concrete floor with only one or two blankets for protection. He was not allowed access to books, journals, writing materials or a radio.”

“Dr. Morsi was denied life-saving and ongoing care for his diabetes and high blood pressure. He progressively lost the vision in his left eye, had recurrent diabetic comas and fainted repeatedly. From this, he suffered significant tooth decay and gum infections,” Middle East Monitor quotes UN statement.

“Thousands of other prisoners in Egypt may also be at risk of death or irreparable damage to their health because of inadequate conditions of detention, compounded by rampant violations of due process, including detention without charge, incommunicado detention, inadequate access to lawyers, and other practices preventing a fair trial,” the statement reads.

Sarah Leah Witson, who is an American lawyer and the director of Human Rights Watch for the Middle East and North Africa division, tweeted the UN statement. She took to Twitter that UN’s statement corroborates the findings of Human Rights Watch as well.

Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president died in June 17 while standing trial for charges that he and legal experts observers said we’re politically motivated.
He was deposed by former army general Abdel-Fattah-el-Sisi through a military coup in 2013. The coup was carried out by Sisi, the current president of Egypt.