TDN World Desk: For last few months Netanyahu government has been externally facing severe criticism for its annexation plan in West Bank, now the Israeli Prime Minister faces internal crisis as thousands of its own citizens have hit the streets in protest of government’s handling of economy and action taken in the ongiong covid-19 pandemic.

Alleging government’s mishandling of economy and tackling coronavirus-crisis thousands of enraged protesters gathered at the Rabina Squire in the capital city Tel Aviv. The protesters include small businesses, self-employed workers and performing artists’ groups.

Protesters also have gathered outside the residence of Benjamin Netinyahu to demonstrate their displeasure against the government.

“I have 40 workers with no income, no money,” Michal Gaist-Casif, vice-president of a sound and lighting company, told the Reuters news agency.

“We need the government to pump in money until we’re back to normal. We haven’t been working since mid-March through April, May, June and July, and August is looking to be a catastrophe.”

According to The Times of Israel, Near about 10,000 people took part in a demonstration on Saturday evening in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to register their voices against what they call insufficient financial support by the government during the covid-199 crisis.

Government’s failure to tackling coronavirus crisis and backing its people to rise over the economic hardship has evoked the mass-protest that overlooks the need for social-distancing measure.

The situation for the Israeli citizens worsened so much so that close to 50% people fear that they would be unable to pay for their basic expenses in the aftermath of the covid-19 crisis.

The joblessnes has incresed in last few days.Unemployment has risen to to 21%. According to The National Employment Service, over 847,968 Isreali people are jobless among whom 576,164 are on unpaid leave.