TDN World Desk: To escape persicution 173 Rohingya Muslims were about to set out on a sea voyage by a boat off the southern coast. But they were detained by the Myanmar authority on Tuesday, reported Reuteurs.

Myanmar navy seized the boat carryig the Rohingya group including 22 children off the coast of Tanintharyi Division’s Kawthaung township on Sunday, military spokesman Tun Tun Nyi confirmed Reuteurs over phone call.

More than 730,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar to Bangladesh in 2017. Myanmar has been accused of commiting genocide agianst the ethnic Rohingya minority muslims. Recently Suu Kyi has to appear in the International Court of Justice at Hague to defend the killing of the Rohingyas and military crackdown. The UN has time and again voiced concern over the issue. In the court proccedings, Suu Kyi denied the allegation said the charges brought aginst her country are ‘misleading’.