TDN World Desk:- Hong Kong’s opposition pro-democracy group has won in at least 12 of the 18 district councils with massive mandate. Pro-democracy candidates secured nearly 90% of the 452 district council seats

Initial results suggested that by 7 am local time, pro-Beijing candidates had only won 42 seats while pro-democracy candidates won 278, according to The South China Morning Post.

A total of 1,104 candidates are competing for 452 municipal council seats in 18 election districts.

Hong Kong residents have shown great interest in the local elections to elect district councilors as protestors view the ballot as a great opportunity to change the political climate in the autonomous region.

At a news conference, Barnabus Fung, chairman of the Electoral Affairs Commission, said more than 2.94 million registered voters cast ballots in Sunday’s District Council Elections. The total turnout rate was more than 71 per cent of 4.1 million registered voters.

According to data examined by Anadolu Agency, a total of 1,104 candidates competed in the elections which will determine the district councilors, who will have the right to elect the government and lawmakers on behalf of citizens in elections slated for 2020.

The local elections, held once every four years, are the only “fully democratic” polls held under the autonomous region of China.

Reacting to Hongkong election result Wang Yi, Chinese foreign minister, who was on his visit to Japan said, “Whatever happens, Hong Kong is always a part of China and any attempts to create chaos in Hong Kong or to jeopardise its prosperity and stability will not be successful.”