Demonstration against the fielding of RSS backed Democratic candidate Preston Kulkarni in district TX-22

TDN World : An inter-faith coalition of civil rights activists and allies organized a successful protest against foreign intervention in American elections. The protest was held under “Covid restrictions” . The coalition is specifically concerned with close ties of Mr. Sri Preston Kulkarni, a democratic candidate in running for district TX-22, with the American fronts of a fascist religious supremacist paramilitary organization, Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS). RSS is a Nazi-inspired violent organization founded in 1925 in India which resembles America’s Ku Klux Klan (KKK), and aggressively promotes an ultranationalist ideology named Hindutva, which promotes caste supremacy, misogyny and second-class status for non-Hindus. RSS was banned thrice in India due to its militant ideology and its involvement in incitement of violence and promoting pogroms. The assassin of Mahatma Gandhi was an RSS volunteer. RSS and its sympathizers in India at this time, continue to endorse and celebrate the rape of and lynching of Indian minorities mainly Muslims, Christians and lower caste Hindus called ‘Dalits”.

“Hindutva in no way should be confused with Hinduism or Indian. We will control our own elections, we will control our own vote. We will not let RSS o buy our candidates, ” said Jada Barnard an African American activist and video journalist. He said that RSS has been involved in more than 400 pogroms in India. He also condemned the persecution of the Amnesty India staff by the ultranationalist government of Modi.

“Sri Kulkarni does not denounce RSS, he keeps saying he is not a part of RSS, but doesn’t denounce them. We all know he is lying when he says he is not a part of RSS – his uncle was part of RSS, his cousin is in RSS, his biggest supporters are RSS, Ramesh Bhutada who he calls his father figure, is one of the most active RSS member in USA, he’s lying when he says he doesn’t have connections with RSS”, stated MJ Khan.

Protester asks no to vote RSS backed Democratic candidate Sri Preston Kulkarni in election to Texas’s CD-22

“I’ve been in politics for 30 years, it’s been proven that the Russians and Chinese are influencing our politics, but unfortunately now it’s been proven that the RSS is influencing US politics. They are funding and supporting candidates here, trying to whitewash the record of their violence and trying to influence American policies to forgive or be forgetful of what the BJP RSS has done in a very violent fashion in India” declared Suhail Khan.

Meddling of RSS and its American proxies in American elections is dangerous, its funding of congressional candidates through its proxies is alarming and calls for broad condemnation. Racist and neo-Nazi movements that feed off Islamophobia and xenophobia, are corrosive and diminish American democratic and civil rights standards. They must be called out and condemned and driven out of American politics,” said Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the national co-chair of Alliance to Save and Protect America from Religious Extremists (ASPAIRE). He advised the voters to educate themselves by visiting

“While the intervention by Russia, China and Iran in the US elections was discussed extensively in the final presidential debate tonight, the intervention by the fascist Indian ruling party was ignored. This fact makes the intervention by the Hindutva ultranationalists, who had openly announced it , even more dangerous,” stated Saleema Gul, a community organizer.

“ Two days ago Texas News Today published a detailed article highlighting Kulkarni’s links with RSS. Slowly the American media is waking up to the RSS threat. Kulkarni is losing support in this toss up election. RSS members in the US are hurting the image of Hinduism and India, and damaging the future of their children,” said Zeshaan Hussein of Muslim Voice.