Thousands of protesters gather in capital Khartoum outside Military headquarter

TDN World Desk: Situation in Khartoum is not alright now. Thousands of protesters gathered outside the military head-quarter of the country demanding the generals to step in from the power.

Amid this boiling situation the Sudanese government ordered Al Jazeera media to close its office. Though the media network was not given any reasonable explanation behind this development.

The military authority issued a statement levelling the protesters as “unruly elements” and national threat.

” The protest site has become unsafe and represents a danger to the revolution and the revolutionaries and threatens the coherence of the state and its national security, ” Al Jazeera qouted General Bahar Ahmed Bahar.

Al Jazeera has repeatedly been isdued order by security personnel of the military council’s to shut down its office in Khartoum. However, Al Jazeera declined to follow the dictum. And decided to give coverage in Sudan despite all the political pressure. Al Jazeera also said that this “abrupt” order to close its bureau in Khartoum is “an attack on media freedom, and professional journalism”.