TDN World Desk: Most possibly this Ramadan wil be oserved in the lockdown period due to the pandemic novel coronavirus. People can offer Taraweeh and Eid prayers in their homes in case if it is impossible to hold them in mosques in view of the precautionary measures taken by the authorities to combat coronavirus, opined Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and President of the Council of Senior Scholars, Saudi Press Agency reported on Friday.

Saudi Gazette reported:Speaking particularly about Taraweeh prayers, the Grand Mufti said that since it is not possible to offer them in mosques this year with the coronavirus prevention measures in place, people can very well pray in their homes to make the most of the blessed nights during the holy month. He added that it is proven that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) offered Qiyam Al-Layl prayers at his home and at it’s no secret that Taraweeh prayer is Sunnah not obligatory.

Al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia also addressed the concern oof Eid prayer.He opined that if the prevailing situation continues and it’s not possible to hold the Eid-ul-Azha prayer in the open ground and special mosques, the prayer can be offered at home not to be followed by sermon. He cited a previous fatwa issued by Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Iftaa stating that if a person misses it and wants to make it up, it is desirable that he does it and should pray it in the proper manner but without a sermon following it.

In a separate report Al-Arabiya repoted citing the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) of the Dubai Government thatMuslims can perform Taraweeh prayers at home during the holy month of Ramadan during this lockdown period.