TDN World Desk: On Sunday BNP general secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir slammed the Indian government over NRC and CAA. Talking to media, the BNP leader alleged that the way Myanmar made Rohingyas stateless and forced them to take shelter in Bangladesh using the state machinery and unleashing persecution, the same way a process is on to push Indian Muslim minorities into Bangladesh by force using the NRC and Citizenship Amendment Act.

Fakrul also rejected Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in parliament and foreign Affairs Minister Raveesh Kumar’s claim of ‘persecution’ of Bangladeshi Minority Hindu community in the country as ‘untrue, false and misleading’.

Addressing the state media from BNP’s Gulshan party office, Fakrul demanded immediate withdrawal of such remarks made by Amit Shah and Raveesh Kumar.

Drawing a parallel between the Rohingya Muslims and Indian Muslims, Fakrul said there is no basic difference between sending Rohingyas to Bangladesh resorting to repression by Myanmar and pushing Indian Muslims into Bangladesh by force through the border.

Voicing concern over the Indian government’s implementation of NRC and CAA, the BNP top leader said as quoted by Prothom Alo” Protests are now there across India terming the Citizenship Amendment Act undemocratic, discriminatory, unconstitutional, and against humanity. The act has been enacted only targeting the Muslim minority community in India.”

Fakrul criticized the Bangladesh government for its foreign policy with India,”Bangladesh is already overburdened with 1,100,000 Rohingyas. It’s clearly a position against the state, our people and sovereignty as the government is exposing its failed foreign policy remaining silent over the evolving situation centring the NRC.”

Besides alleging that Bengali-speaking Indian Muslims are being pushed into Bangladesh very carefully through different borders, the BNP leader said Bangladesh government is not taking the NRC issue seriously, rather ignoring by describing it as India’s internal affairs though it is a threat to the country’s independence sovereignty.

Fakrul further alleged that the Indian government is making an unholy nexus with the ruling Awami League to suit their narrow political gains.

To keep open the path of mutual assistance and cooperation between the two countries Fakrul urged the India BJP government to stop misleading statements abut BNP.

BNP or the Bangladesh Nationalist Party is main opposition party of the ruling Awami League.