TDN World DesK: As the holy month of Islam arrives, US President Donald Trump wished Ramadan Mubarak to Muslims and prayed for “comfort and reassurance in their faith”.

“Over the past months, we have seen how important the power of prayer can be during challenging times. Today, as the holy month of Ramadan commences, I pray that those who are observing this sacred time find comfort and reassurance in their faith,” he said in a message.

Ramadan or Ramzan is a month of fasting observed as a mandatory religious dictum by the Muslims, to train themselves of self-control over carnal desire, and evil insticts within for purifying their body, mind and soul.

“For millions around the globe, this holy month is an opportunity to renew and strengthen their faith through rigorous fasting, devout prayer, reflective meditation, reading the Quran, and charitable deeds.

“These acts are closely aligned with the universal values that the Islamic faith promotes—peace, kindness, and love and respect for others,” said Trump.

On Thursday Saudi Arabia offered First Taraweeh prayer. Amid covid lockdown, Saudi Arabia approved reduced version of Taraweeh comprising of 10 Raka’hs.

India, Bangladesh to observe Ramzan from Saturday.