TDN World Desk: UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion called on the Sri Lankan President to respect the Muslims’ religious right to bury death bodies following WHO guidelines.

“We would like to encourage your Excellency’s Government to reconsider the provisions in the MoH Guideline by taking into account of the key considerations provided by WHO Guideline for the disposal of the bodies of human beings deceased from the COVID-19, and revise the circular accordingly,”the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion told President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

“In view of the challenges posed by the pandemic it is important that the Government avoids any unnecessary measures that are likely to raise tension and are running contrary to the respect of the fundamental human rights of the persons belonging to different communities that exist in Sri Lanka,” he added.

United Nations statement came two days after Sri Lanka government made cremation of the corona victims death bodies mandatory – a law that clearly flouted WHO guidelines that allows corona affected corpse to be buried.

Amid COVID-19 outbreak Sri Lanka enacted an anti-Muslim law by making cremation mandatory even for the Muslims. The United Nation’s statement was made in that context.

Taking note of the widespread hatred propagated against the Minority comunity the UN letter stated,“We are taking the opportunity to stress that it is equally important that your Excellency’s Government firmly condemn any attempt by anyone, irrespective of status, to issue or spread hate messages that are of a nature to instigate ethnic or religious tensions or violence, including through accusations or blame that any particular ethnic or religious community is responsible for the pandemic of COVID-19.”

Sri Lanka witnessed over 300 corona positive cases whilen 7 died of the pandemic.