By Mokter Hossain Mondal

The world has made bombs to kill humans,
To punish enemies by hanging have ropes,
We smile over the the helplessness
Of the persecuted others,
When people starve to death,
Some relish mushroom sitting in their golden palace.

We have made all the preparation to destroy,
To make the whole world cry,
But, we don’t have preparation
To save us from coronavirus,
No masks, no medicines, no sanitizers,
Not set up hospitals enough to protect us.

The world has enormous food in its store, light ample
Yet, mother mourns in her gloomy hovel,
Everywhere there is lack of faith,
Even the close ones forget you.

We have guns, nuclear bombs, chemical gas.
Arrogant are we, fighting to outdo one another.
But toady, ‘superior to God’, the machine man is measurably helpless,
The inanimate objects obtain some energy,
Sometimes we feel that we lack that bit of strength too.
Now our world is not in our control,
We ourselves have invited this disaster upon us,
That’s why, today the water is rebellious
The earth is revolting against us,
And the Mountain is to walk into the procession.
The wild animals are out on the highways,
Where humans have been thumping feet,
Breaking soils underneath in tiny particles.

The world is created for us,
Yes, the adornment of this entire civilization is for the Man.
But, the world meant for human habitation has declared war against the Man.

Why this anger?
Today all the questions rest upon the sons of Adam in home-quarantine to answer.

Mokter Hossain Mondal is a Bengal based journalist and poet.