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By Staff Reporter, TDN World: On Wednesday, Intercepts report over the tech giant Google’s compliance with the Chinese government to launch censored search engine in the country gave wide upsurge of controversy.

A part of Google’s own employees also raised concern over this tech service provider’s decision to return to china submitting the government’s cyber policy to muzzle the freedom of expression and freedom in cyber worlds.

Hong Kong based researcher Patrick Poon was quoted by Intercept who told that Google’s decision to comply with the censorship would be “a big disaster for the information age”. “This has very serious implications not just for China, but for all of us, for freedom of information and internet freedom”, he was further quoted by Intercept.

As per report, A project, code-named dragonfly, has been carried out by google since last year aiming to launch its android app on search engine. After Sundar Pichai becomes CEO, company brought change in its attitude and conforms to compromise its principles on the ground of human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protest. Under high secrecy the company holds its project, except few chosen ones, executives and managers most of the employees are kept in darkness about the undertakings.

Chinese government has been given a demonstration of this newly designed app. Within six to nine month the app is supposed to be made available for internet users. Though the approval from Chinese officials yet to be validated.

Here is how the app will repress the public interest in compliance with the Government:

  • Information in opposition to the China Government will remain blocked
  • The search app is bound to blacklist “sensitive queries”
  • Internet users will not made available for Information regarding political opponents, sex, free speech, academic studies
  • Global cultural materials, social platforms like facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter will remain under censorship
  • News Agency like – BBC, other sources like- New York Times, Wall Street Journal also remain blocked
  • Wikipedia, the gigantic source of diverse knowledge will also remain banned