TDN World Desk: Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday the harsh stance of Israel was fanned by the West and some Arab nations, reported Anadolu Agency.

Speaking at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting in Istanbul, Erdogan expressed deep concern over the plights of the Muslims across the world.

“We are aware that one of the reasons behind the terrorist attacks and economic sabotages we have been subjected to in recent years is our principled stance,” he said, adding that Turkey will continue to stand by the truth and with the oppressed.

Recalling that the Jerusalem case laid the foundation of the OIC, Erdogan expressd firm determination to protecting the rights of the Palestinians.

“We will never stop defending the rights of the Palestinians and standing in solidarity with all the oppressed,” he was quoted by Anadolu Agency.

He asserted over the need to protect the Muslim children, women, elderly and disabled against western threats in order to strengthen family structures.

The Turkish president said that the “isolated” Islamic countries are wasting their opportunities and energies.

Erdagon also expressed oncern saying that “Muslims, who make up about one-fourth of the world’s population today, do not have, unfortunately, the political influence or the economic, social or cultural prowess.”

Erdogan stressed that it is impossible to get somewhere just by complaining or talking, adding that there is a need to think carefully, analyze and produce solutions to the causes of Muslims today.

“It is our responsibility, the Muslims, to take the Islamic civilization to its rightful place.”

(Inputs from Anadolu Agency)