Muslims Families Hide in Riverbed After Being Driven From Villages. Image: The Wire

TDN World Desk: Amid Covid lockdown pressure from the Arab countries is increasing on India. In a recent development the Kuwait Council of ministers has issued statement condemning the attack on ethnic minority Muslims in the country and urged the international body such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC and United Nations Human Rights Council to intervene.

Snice last fifteen days India has been recieving severe backlash from its Arab counterparts as discrimination spikes up against Muslims . To mend its diplocatic relation over the communal row with Gulf states foreingn minister S jaishankar spoke to the Arab countries.

On wednesday , #Islamophobia_in_India became world-wide trend. Million joined from Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE , Saudi Arabia in the online solidarity campaign against attack on the Muslims sharing pictures, snap shots, news report of mob violence, December’s Delhi riot, false-videos blaming Tablighi Jaamat for the spread of coronavirus etc.

Concerned over the rising tide of Islamophobia in the country Organization of Islamic Cooperation called on the Indian government to take urgent action.