TDN World Desk: Amid nationwide uproar over the implementation of controversial CAA and NRC, opposition and ruling parties coming up with different narratives.

As protests swelled th ruling BJP party appears to softening its stand over the issues. On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi already denied any previous discussion over the NRC while addressing a rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

In such a situation Mohamed Rafat, a professor of Jamia Millia University, came up with a 12-point suggestion. Here is the entire text of his proposed regulation:

Assalaamu alaikum. (Islamic greetings of peace)

In the current situation, it has become necessary to emphasize some important points :

  1. The government of the day should clearly announce that N R C will not be conducted.
  2. A special session of Parliament should be convened to withdraw C A A .
  3. All those detained during protests, should be released.
  4. Demonstrators should keep their protest peaceful.
  5. Section 144 or curfew, if imposed, should be lifted.
  6. No attempt should be made to curb peaceful demonstrations.
  7. Compensation should be given to the injured and to the families of those killed.
  8. Compensation should be given to the universities for damaged property.
  9. Torture and beating of those in custody, should stop.
  10. Civil society should help the victims by offering solace, moral support, medical treatment and legal aid.
  11. Young people, before holding a demonstration, should consult elders and organize their activities, according to elders’ guidance.
  12. No mischief maker should be allowed to disturb peace.