TDN World Desk: Mohammed mustafa,A 60-year-old diabetic patient, who had attended Tablighi event at Nizamuddin markaz, died on Wednesday morning at the COVID-19 quarantine centre set up by the Delhi government in Sultanpuri.

According to National Herald report, the elderly Tablighi Jaamat member died because he was denied medicine and was not given food on time despite several requests to the staff and doctors.

“He had been constantly telling me that he wasn’t feeling okay, that his diabetes was getting worse. He complained to me that he wasn’t getting enough medicine or timely food. For a diabetic, timely food is very important. And it is because of the non-availability of medicines and untimely meals that he has died,” sid Mustafa’s wife Razia.

Adnan,One inmate of Mustafa who was housed in the Sultanpuri quarantine facility said,”I am very afraid since the death of Mustafa yesterday. I myself don’t feel very well. How will a diabetic like me survive? We have to eat every two hours — that’s what the doctors have always told us. If we are not allowed to go out to even buy a packet of biscuits, the facility should provide it and take care of our medical needs. Negligence by the staff will only result in more casualties,” First Post reported.

“He died due to the non-availability of diabetic medicines for more than three weeks. We repeatedly demanded to government officials regarding this and unfortunately, there was no one to take action,” Fathima Muzaffer, member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board told Maktoob.

The negligence of the patient has triggered protest inside the quarantine facility.