TDN World Desk: Amid raging coronavirus pandemic, the virus of Islamophobia is on rapid increse in the subcontinent – manily targeting the Indian Muslims. Recently, some Indian expats in gulf countiers were found fanning the flame of Islamophobia with their venomous public post, explicitly holding bigotry views on Islam. Taking note of these Indian who lives in the oil-riched gulf countries and earn their livelihoods there, a Saudi scholar gave call to deport all these “militant Hindus”.

Taking to Twitter,Sheikh Abidi Zahrani urged the government authorities in the Middle-East countries to take stringent acition against and expel them from the countries.

“Send_Hindutva_Back_home” hashtag: “I propose to all respected followers to list all militant Hindus who are working in the GCC and spreading hate against #Islam #Muslims or our beloved Prophet [Muhammad, peace be upon him] under this #hashtag #Send_Hindutva_Back_home,”reads Zahrani’s Twitter post.

In a separate tweet he added: “Gulf States host millions of #Indians some of whom are infected #COVID__19 are treated free of charge regardless of their faith while #Hindutva #Terrorists gangs are committing crimes against #Muslims citizens.”